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Killian Reed

Killian Reed is the trusted aide and second in command of Astrid Mueller’s enigmatic self help organization Honest World Foundation which is housed in an expensive turn of the century building in Chicago, perhaps its Gold Coast neighborhood. At this time writer Gail Simone has not revealed many details of her back story. Reed is astute and at turns bluntly outspoken as when she pointedly tells Mueller that Chloe Pierce hasn’t any good intentions with her interview. At other times she may be oblique as suits her purpose. As former agent of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Reed can be psychologically and physically intimidating. Reed is utterly devoted to Mueller and the Foundation’s purposes as evidenced when Mueller orders her to hug Chloe Pierce as she and a small group stand at the grave of Pierce’s fiance, and Reed follows orders to the letter after an incident incapacitates Mueller.

Wikipedia notes that the most likely meaning of the name Killian (Gaelic Cillín) is “little church”; “cill” meaning “church’ in Gaelic and “in” to denote a diminuitve status. Other name sources state its meaning is “strife or battle” or “fierce”.

Killian’s sole sexual attraction to date is to Chloe Pierce, as seen in issue #3. Chloe appears to have refused the offer though the pair hugged another time as mentioned above. The character may be lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual. Her first appearance is in Clean Room #1. This profile will be updated when new details become available in future issues.


Raven and Duncan are also LGBT characters from Clean Room.

Art by Jon Davis Hunt.

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