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Key Collector Comics Celebrates Avengers Infinity War With Golden Tickets

Milwaukee, WI, April 23 – To celebrate the opening of Avengers: Infinity War in theaters this Thursday, Key Collector Comics is giving away the six-issue miniseries that inspired the film. For a chance to win, The Infinity Gauntlet, fans are invited to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt for a “Golden Ticket” happening now on the free mobile app.

Key Collector Comics is the world’s first key issue database and price guide focused exclusively on identifying which comic books are valuable or have the potential to become valuable. Examples of a key issue include: character first appearances, origins, deaths, classic story arcs, iconic cover art and other milestone moments in comic book history.

Hidden among these issues are five Golden Tickets, each representing an entry to win the 1991 hit mini-series written by Jim Starlin and penciled by George Perez, The Infinity Gauntlet, valued at $125. When a Golden Ticket is found, the app user simply has to tap “want” to enter for a chance to win the set of comics.

“I wanted to create a fun contest that transforms comic movie fans into comic book fanatics by encouraging them to discover the rich history of this uniquely American, pop culture phenomenon that is beloved by fans all over the world,” said Key Collector Comics owner, Nick Coglianese. “My hope is that people will use the app to find these fragile and finite articles of our storytelling history and act as curators to what is lost, damaged or destroyed every day.”

Also featured now on Key Collector Comics is a direct portal to view the key issues of importance that introduced the characters and plot points that set the stage for the Mad Titan, Thanos to take on the entire Marvel Universe of superheroes. Intrigued fans can now easily identify these valuable comics simply by looking at the cover and even know how much they are worth:

Iron Man No. 55 (1973) – 1ST appearance of Thanos (Near Mint value $875)
Silver Surfer No. 44 (1990) – 1st appearance of The Infinity Gauntlet (Near Mint value $90)
New Avengers No. 8 (2013) – 1st appearance of The Black Order AKA Cull Obsidian (Near Mint value $35)

“There is no better time to be a comic collector than now. The constant excitement of new films being released directly effects the value of a comic book. It’s a lot of fun to see something you bought for $1 jump up in value to $40, $50 and more,” said Coglianese. “Before Key Collector Comics, the problem was being able to identify these valuable books, many of which can often be found in a $1 bin. Especially the ones published in the last few decades. Now, there’s a treasure map available for free for anyone who wants to spend a weekend with the kids or solo, hunting down these comic gems.”

The free mobile app’s newest feature is a push notification service called a “key issue alert” which notifies registered users when a comic begins to show signs of a value spike. This gives Key Collector Comics’ users an advantage to react quickly and purchase the issue or adjust their sales price without being the last to know.

Key Collector Comics is available for free (no ads, no freemiums) on Android and Apple Phones. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app or for more info, visit

Here’s A Freebie: Type Deadly Hands Of Kung-Fu into the search bar and click “Want” on Issue No. 22 for one out of five chances to win!

Key Collector Comics Database and Price Guide© is a concise and comprehensive resource of over 8,000 highly collectible comics known as “key” issues, from the Golden Age of the 1930s to today, without the clutter of uneventful comics. Additional features include: a simplified price guide with approachable explanations of how to assess condition along with the ability to catalog what is owned and build a wish list for what is wanted. Updates to the database are made daily and new features are added every two weeks.  Key Collector Comics’ goal is to empower anyone to become a comic book expert in the time it takes to download an app.




April 25, 2018
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