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Kevin Mayer

Mayer was brother to publicist Myndi Mayer, one of the early supporting characters of the revamped Wonder Woman by George Perez. We learn about Kevin through reminisces with Wonder Woman at Myndi’s will reading. He shares that Myndi’s and his rebellious spirits made them especially close and that he benefited from Myndi sticking up for him when their father and other sister Lili rejected Kevin for being gay.

Kevin’s only other appearance to my knowledge is in Wonder Woman #170 by Phil Jimenez, the “Day In The Life Of” issue. At one point Diana volunteers at at the Metropolis AIDS walk office. Diana asks fellow volunteers Kevin and a man named Oscar, an older mustachioed man with salt and pepper hair,  their advice after being turned down by Trevor Barnes. Kevin tells her she should take a “page from Myndi’s book” and consider it Barnes’ loss, not hers, and move on. Diana’s goodbye to the men infers they’re a couple.

Kevin first appeared in the short story “Testament” by Perez in Wonder Woman Annual #1.

Created by George Perez. Art by Perez and Phil Jimenez.

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