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Kaylo & Kor

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Kaylo and Kor are a married couple of superheroes on the planet Spyre and are members of The Unparalleled, who are Spyre’s equivalent of the Avengers. Like the rest of The Unparalleled, Kaylo and Kor were subjected to cosmic rays in order to turn them into super-powered champions. When they gained their powers the women were renamed Kaylo and Kor after the two suns of their solar system, with Kaylo being powered by the larger of the two.

Both women are powered by solar energy and can fly and project flaming energy blasts. Kaylo has also demonstrated super strength. Kaylo and Kor have been described as the two most powerful members of The Unparalleled, and when the Fantastic Four encountered them Sue Richards described them as “a couple of Thors”.

When the Fantastic Four first arrived on Spyre the Unparalleled were their enemies due to a prophecy from their Overseer that the Fantastic Four would destroy their society. The two teams eventually parted on better terms once the truth of the connection between the Overseer and the FF was revealed. These secrets helped reunite Kor with her long-lost father who had been exiled from Spyre society along with others who had been mutated into monster-like appearances by the cosmic rays. Kor was shocked and horrified to realize that one of the “monsters” she had helped defend her people from was actually her own father, and she embraced him back into her life despite his appearance once she learned the truth.

Sometime later Kaylo and Kor were among the members of the Unparalled who joined into the army of cosmic heroes that Johnny Storm assembled to fight in the Reckoning War.

Created by Sean Isaakse, Dan Slott, Paco Medina, and Bob Quinn.

Kaylo and Kor first appeared in FANTASTIC FOUR (2018) #15 by Dan Slott, Paco Medina and Bob Quinn. Art by

All right reserved Marvel Entertainment.

Here is a profile for Kaylo and Kor of The Unparalled. Marvel’s wiki credits Sean Isaakse as their co-creator along with Dan Slott, but the artists for the issue where they debuted were Paco Medina and Bob Quinn.

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