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Kay Watson

Art by Sonny LiewKay has been life-long best friend and confidante to Frankie, the titular character of this Vertigo mini-series. As Frankie’s best friend, Kay has indulged Frankie’s comments about her having a personal god named Jeriven though she doesn’t share her friend’s belief. That changes one day as the pair visit East Coast University and run into Dean Baxter, a mutual childhood friend.

Jeriven saved Frankie and Kay from a drowning accident, but he wasn’t able to rescue Dean. Out of guilt and despair, Frankie insisted Jeriven bring they boy back from the dead. He did, but the strange circumstances forced the three of them apart, till this one fateful day.

Frankie is the attractive extrovert who’s discovered guys though she’s not at all experiencing good luck with them, thanks to a secretively jealous Jeriven. Kay is steadfast, supportive, and the quiet, much more bookish introvert of the pair. She seemingly has no interest in guys, and feels left out when Frankie and Dean hit it off.

Unknown to either of them, Dean is secretly a pawn of a demon god with a vendetta against Jeriven. Dean charms Frankie with his personality and uses his good looks to seduce Frankie, all in a scheme calculated to make Frankie doubt and lose her belief in Jeriven.

Dean is able to trick Jeriven into manifesting into a human male form, trapping him as Dean persuades Frankie to disavow her faith. Kay happens upon the scene as Dean gloats over the now human Jeriven, and decides to help him.

Confused by new feelings, Jeriven kisses Kay, and immediately expresses regret by saying, “Kay, that was my first kiss, and I’ll never forget it, but Frankie is the only girl for me.” Kay simply replies, “Yeah. For me, too.”

Jeriven falls into the clutches of the demon god, and Kay and Frankie team up to rescue him. In one scene, Dean taunts Kay about being a lesbian, but Kay surprises him with her determination to protect Frankie, and takes him down. Jeriven destroys the demon god by trickery. As the trio walks away, Kay confesses that she and Jeriven are in love with Frankie, admitting that she’ll never make a pass at her friend. Frankie shocks Kay by kissing her and suggesting that the three of them start a relationship. The story closes by showing them happily settled into their new lives in California.

Kay first appears in My Faith in Frankie #1 and her crush on Frankie is revealed in #3.

Created by Mike Carey and Sonny Liew. Art by Liew and Hi-Fi Design, from My Faith in Frankie #3. Originally published by Vertigo/ DC.

All rights reserved Mike Carey and Sonny Liew.

July 18, 2021
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