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Justice League #49

Justice League #49
James Robinson
Pow Rodrix with Robson Rocha

So…where do you want it? Where’s the dinosaur?

At the Batcave… You hungry?

Have some chicken salad.

Soon he will. Soon. He comes. Soon he will. Soon he comes. Soon. He will. He comes. Soon he will. Soon he comes.

Cassie! What’re you– oh. Ravager! What are you–why are– Wait! Jen–Jade?? None of this is–

Donna, I’m hurting!

Donna. Dumb girl, following me. Donna.

My darling!

Mommy, you never let me grow up!

Donna, baby.

Donna, darling.

Dumb girl, following me.

You sick– Wait, wait, wait!

Hey, babe. How you holding up?

What? What? Don’t listen to any of the %$?!&$#@ this thing tells you. Don’t let it eat your soul. You’re better than that.

How you feeling?

Okay. Bit of a headache.

How you feeling, more important?

I’ll deal. I mean, what else can I do? Deal…do my best to be my best.

All any of us can. Absolutely.

So I had this crazy notion about opening a photography studio.

Soon he will. Soon. He will. Soon. He will. Write. Soon write. Soon. Stories. Better. Write better.

Soon he will write better stories.

Let it be. Please. Soon.

Please let it be soon.

Stop. Or stop. Reading. Or stop reading will I.

September 22, 2010
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