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Julian Quintero

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Julian Quintero is the cousin of Humberto Lopez, the teenage superhero known as Reptil. He is also a vlogger who posts about pop culture and fashion, and he designs and makes clothes. Julian and Beto were best friends when they were younger, and renew their bond when Beto and their grandfather move in with them.

Julian encourages Reptil to embrace his role as a hero, making him a new costume and sending him an app with dinosaur information to be better able to exploit his power to transform into different dinosaurs. Julian and his sister Eva accompanied Reptil on his adventures to investigate a villain with ties to his parents’ disappearance, and Julian proved himself brave and cool in a crisis. Julian is an accomplished fencer, and Eva was able to use her own limited magical abilities to give Julian a magic sword that he was able to use to back Reptil up in a fight.

Sometime later Julian met Iceman, and told him how much it means to have openly gay superheroes like him representing the LGBTQIA+ community.

With his cousin already a superhero and his sister in training at the Strange Academy for sorcery, it remains to be seen if Julian will follow in the family footsteps and become a superhero himself.

Julian first appeared in REPTIL #1 (2021) by Terry Blas and Enid Balam. Art by Balam, Victor Olazaba, and Carlos Lopez.

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July 9, 2022
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