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Josh & Paul

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Josh and Paul are a couple who became foster parents to Klara Prast, the time-displaced former member of the teenage superhero team known as the Runaways. The two men took in Klara as their foster child after the Runaways drifted apart.

When the team later reunited, they went to Josh and Paul’s home to recruit Klara back into the group–but she declined to go. Klara tells her friends that Josh and Paul are her family now, and that they want to adopt her. Nico is surprised that Klara–who was originally from 1907 before travelling through time with the Runaways to the present–is so comfortable with an interracial same-sex couple as her new parents, but Klara replies that the Runaways were the ones who taught that love is what matters.

Although some of the Runaways worry that Josh and Paul will turn out to be evil in some way, like their own parents, Klara does not believe that to be the case and chose to remain with her new family.

Josh and Paul first appeared in Runaways vol 4 #11 (2018) and were created by Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka. Art by Anka and Matthew Wilson.

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July 17, 2021
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