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Johnny And Arthur Of The Humans Of Interest Barbershop

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Johnny is the owner and operator of the “Humans Of Interest” barbershop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Arthur runs the cash register at the barbershop, and appears to be Johnny’s partner (in both the personal and professional sense).

The superhero Longshot got his hair cut at Humans Of Interest, but when he went to pay Arthur informed him that his card was declined. Johnny waived the charge, giving Longshot a freebie because he was cute.

Longshot passed by the barbershop again later while pursuing the mind-controlled Deadpool. Johnny shouted encouragement to Longshot, and threw a pair of scissors at Deadpool! The scissors touched Longshot, triggering his psychometric powers to see a flash of a possible reality where a famous actor gets teleported from his set in Dubai to the Humans of Interest barbershop and Johnny gives him the best haircut he’s ever had. This high profile client causes the barbershop’s popularity to surge and they soon put the local competition out of business. Since multiple timelines were overlapping at the time, due to Longshot’s luck power disrupting a cosmic cube’s reality warping powers, it is unclear if this success will actually happen for Johnny and Arthur or if it was only a possible future.

Johnny and Arthur both first appear in Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 by Christopher Hastings and Jacopo Camagni, Art by Camagni and Matt Milla.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

July 17, 2021
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