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Joey, a cab driver for the Promethean Cab company, first appears in a crowd scene around a newspaper vendor, an older man who remains unnamed. She asks for a copy of the latest Gazette so she can look for apartments because she’s broken up with Aline. In issue #10 Joey is seen talking with the same newspaper vendor. We learn from her comments that Aline likes a band named Pale Horse and has complained to Joey that their planned meeting to discuss their personal lives clashes with her attending the concert.

Aline shows up at the newspaper stand hoping to catch Joey to speak with her. When the owner says he hasn’t seen Joey yet, Aline says she’ll wait outside the Promethean for her. He says to tell Joey the new Hustler is due in tomorrow, but Aline makes her disgust known, leaving the older man to wonder what he said that was offensive. A few pages later Joey and Aline are seen together for the first time, and the contrast could hardly be more striking. Joey in non-descript clothes, a turtleneck, hat, coat, and pants in monotone brown with shoulder length reddish hair tries to be tough as nails. Aline in a short pink dress, matching coat and ankle boots with short blonde hair is perfectly dressed for the magazine she works at.

Aline tells Joey there isn’t any way to salvage their relationship and tries to give her a book about relationships so she can understand why their breakup. Joey retorts she doesn’t want to “understand shit”, referring to Aline’s political views, and that “[she] just[s] wanna go to bed with you one time…and I wanna be straight…” Several scenes throughout the issue show the couple talking and then Joey beating up Aline, and then being restrained by a passerby. (Issue #11)

Ozymandias’s weapon is deployed as issue #11 closes. The women are last seen among the dead of New York City (with Aline’s head cradled in Joey’s lap) in the opening scene of issue #12.

Created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Art by Gibbons and John Higgins from Watchmen #11.

© and ® DC Comics. Used without permission.

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