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Jimmy Olsen’s Jungle Bride

Ginger Jimmy. Intrepid Daily Planet photographer and wannabe reporter. Superman’s pal. Back in the Silver Age, Jimmy was the perfect fodder for wacky adventures and farce filled fests no matter if he transformed into a werewolf, Elasti-Lad, or dolled himself up as a woman. Now we all know just because Jimmy looked good in a dress and heels and all the slash that he was 100% straight. That time Superman got Jimmy drunk on a couple Kryptonian six packs doesn’t mean a thing. When he wasn’t chasing after Lucy Lane and trying to find ways to impress her, he had women like the giant Allura, the protoplasmic Dialla from Platonia masquerading as a human, Duo Damsel, Light Lass, and Saturn Girl in the future (at least he thought so) and the magical imp Miss Gzptlsnz trying to corner him into some 5th dimensional canoodling. And then there’s the time that Bruna, simian goddess of an unnamed African group living in the jungle, fell in love the redheaded boy from next door, thanks to writer Leo Dorfman and Pete Constanza.

Cover art by Curt Swan

Yes, marriage is indeed a sacred institution!

March 25, 2011
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