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Jennifer Kale

Art by Mike Deodato
Art by Mike Deodato

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

The teenage Jennifer studied sorcery under the 20,000-year-old mage Dakimh and played a role in repelling a variety of mystic menaces to Earth before attending college and becoming an amateur consultant in mystic matters; originally active only alongside the Man-Thing and its allies, she later joined several other mystic scholars in the Legion of Night and has aided Doctor Strange, the Ghost Rider, and X-Force. She has yet to have any significant solo adventure recorded.

In Ghost Rider #92, Jennifer’s cousin Dan Ketch (host body for the Ghost Rider), in a mystic state, has a dream in which he and his family, including Jennifer, live normal lives untouched by supernatural threats; in this scenario, Jennifer has a female lover, Marie, with whom she has been for three years. Although this is only a vision, presumably this development was not a spontaneous work of Dan’s subconscious. However, Jennifer had a boyfriend in “Legion of Night”, presumably indicating that she has only recently realized that she is either a lesbian or bisexual.

Jennifer Kale is a sorceress, capable of using mystic energy for a variety of effects.

Jennifer first appears in Fear #11 and is shown with a girlfriend in Ghost Rider #92, vol 2.

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November 18, 2009
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