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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Jazinda is the daughter of Kl’rt, the Super-Skrull. Years ago she was entrusted by her government with a mission to retrieve the Sy-Torak Gem–which the Skrulls considered a holy relic–from Kree custody. When the mission was compromised, Jazinda swallowed the gem to make it more difficult for the Kree to confiscate from her, but the gem mystically bonded with her. The gem granted her incredible healing powers–including the ability to revive from being killed–but to try and remove the gem from her would kill her permanently. Jazinda didn’t want to die and refused to allow the Skrull High priests to remove the gem, so she was declared a traitor to the Skrull Empire and her own father vowed to kill her.

Jazinda fled to Earth, where she took on the appearance of a short-haired Caucasian human female to blend in. She got a job as a bounty hunter for Freeman Bonding Inc, capturing super-villains who skip out on their bail, and her partner was Jennifer Walters (aka the She-Hulk). Jazinda and She-Hulk were very successful partners and became close friends; Jen was the one person Jazinda revealed her true nature to. Jazinda’s feelings for Jen grew to be more than friendship, but she never ended up telling her how she truly felt.

Jazinda’s true nature was eventually exposed, and she was captured by government agents who tortured and interrogated Jazinda, believing that she was part of the attempted Skrull invasion of Earth that had recently taken place. Jazinda did not want Jennifer to be compromised by their friendship, so she made Jen promise to deny that she had any knowledge of Jazinda’s true nature. She-Hulk reluctantly agreed, but rescued Jazinda from the military base with some help from some of her superhero friends.

Jazinda was last seen as one of the aliens who was rounded up by S.W.O.R.D.–the government agency for dealing with extraterrestrial threats–to be deported from Earth. Her current status is unknown.

The Sy-Torak Gem sounds suspiciously like the Gem of Cyttorak, the magical ruby which gave the Juggernaut his powers and which also powered Behemoth, another villain from this She-Hulk run. It seems likely that there was intended to be a connection, perhaps that “Sy-Torak” would be the Skrull name for Cyttorak, but the series was cancelled before any connection could be revealed.

Jazinda first appeared in She-Hulk #22 (2007) by Peter David and Shawn Moll. Art by Moll, Victor Olazaba, and Rob Ro.

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