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James Tynion IV Wants You To Know The Real Him

James Tynion 2James Tynion IV is a comics writer whose work (Talon, Red Hood & The Outlaws, The Eighth Seal) I confess to have read little of to date, and I knew nothing  about the career or personal aspects of the man. That is, until late last night when Colton Tyler Wilson (thanks, Colton!) shared a link from Tynion’s Tumblr in our Gay League Facebook group. Despite the late hour I went to the page and discovered a heartfelt account in which Tynion reveals secrets about his life. He talks about worrying how other people would perceive him if they found out his age, his sense of humor, and to learn about intimate details with personal struggles. In order to help keep those secrets he scrubbed online evidence, and how he unintentionally started closing himself off not just from others but himself as well. Tynion’s biggest secret, revelation if you will, is that he’s bisexual. Coming out isn’t always easy and coming out as bisexual is more problematic because people often expect you to become exclusive to men or women, not both. Tynion shares some of his experiences, including how he at first thought he way gay. You should go read his post instead of me telling you what he wrote.

Talk about New Year’s resolutions! Gayleague applauds Tynion’s decision and sends best wishes!

March 7, 2015
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