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J D Glass’ Fire Fall Coming In September

From the ground-breaking author of Punk Like Me and Punk and Zen, comes the powerful story of Bennie Grego, an EMT by day and comic book artist by night who is forced to make an impossible decision.

There’s not much more dangerous or exciting than being a New York City emergency medical technician—unless you add being a smokejumper during fire season. It’s all about saving lives one way or another, holding the line against fire, disaster, and death.

Saving lives is what Benadette “Bennie” Grego knows, and she’s damn good at it. Her Nana keeps her gear repaired and blesses Bennie with holy water every time she leaves on assignment. The work is incredibly dangerous, but Bennie loves helping people. And when she’s not saving lives, Bennie pursues her true passion: drawing comics.

But a bad jump results in a devastating injury, and Bennie, whose life was changed by trauma before, must once again choose: the sirens or the superheroes?

Former Managing Editor for The Advocate, artist, musician, and author JD Glass is an American Library Association Stonewall Award finalist & Lambda Literary Award finalist for her novel Punk Like Me, Lambda Literary Award finalist for Red Light, with that and other titles earning Ben Franklin Literary Award finalist, Rainbow Reads Award, and Golden Crown Literary finalist and winner. A recipient of Columbia College Chicago’s Faculty Recognition Award, and Columbia Scholar Award, Glass’ visual work was selected for the Chicago Manifest Art Showcase, InArt Gallery Virtual Exhibit, ISee Pixels exhibit, and On Big Drawings II Virtual Exhibit. Glass is also the writer and executive producer for the short film rom-com Her Curve, as well as the upcoming feature, and for the series Punk Like Me–the B Sides, currently in production.

Follow her at:

Twitter | @JDGlass
Instagram | @JDGlass_Story_Artist

Fire Fall will appeal to readers searching for action adventure and sapphic romance.

Fire Fall is scheduled for release on September 3, 2024 and print or digital copies can be preordered now at this page.

Title: Fire Fall
Author: JD Glass
ISBN: 978-1-61294-295-7
Price: $19.95
Pages: 260
Publisher: Bywater Books
Publication Date: September 3, 2024
Formats: Trade paperbacks & eBook

July 9, 2024
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