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Isaac Ikeda: Protector

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Little is known about the background of Issac Ikeda prior to his debut as the Protector Of Pan. It is unclear if “Issac Ikeda” is even his real name. When questioned about his origins or identity he typically declines to answer, saying that it is secret.

He is an adventurer who specializes in hunting dragons. After he captured an Atlantean dragon that razed the Mauretanian coast, killing many, he was approached by billionaire Mike Nguyen to become the Protector of his experimental portal city of Pan–which linked various locations around Earth into a single, borderless metropolis through use of teleportation portals–and to train and command the Pan Guard security force.

Ikeda met the superhero team Agents Of Atlas and fought alongside them against dragons threatening Pan. Atlas team leader Brawn (Amadeus Cho) was originally suspicious of Ikeda due to him working for the morally ambiguous Nguyen, and also because he thought that Ikeda was flirting with fellow Atlas member Luna Snow, whom Cho had a crush on. The rest of the team warmed up to Ikeda more quickly, and Issac informed them that he also had concerns about Pan and Nguyen, and that he wanted the Agents Of Atlas to help him investigate the situation.

Issac bonded with Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra) and their shared attraction soon bloomed into a budding romance. Nguyen captured their first kiss on camera and broadcast it as part of his advertising campaign promoting Pan as a destination for romance and adventure.

Issac’s loyalties, as well as those of his new allies, were put to the rest when Nguyen’s schemes came to a head resulting in Pan coming under attack by Namor and Atlantis. Once the conflict was resolved Issac remained with the team and officially joined the Agents of Atlas.

Ikeda is extremely athletic and is a skilled swordsman. He wears high tech armour, and uses a large glowing sword and an energy shield generated by a device on his left wrist. While working for Nguyen he also had access to teleportation technology, and his Pan Guards carried energy rifles capable of firing temporal blasts that could freeze people in time for a few minutes.

He appears to have superhuman strength and agility, but it is unknown if any powers he possesses are natural or if they come from his armour.

Issac Ikeda first appeared in Agents Of Atlas #1 (2019) by Greg Pak and Nico Leon.

Created by Greg Pak and Nico Leon. Art by Leon and Federico Blee from Agents Of Atlas #1.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

February 12, 2022
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