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Invisible Kid

This entry is concerned only with the version of Invisible Kid post Zero Hour. Please read the entry at Major Spoilers for a full background on all versions.

Lyle Norg became a spy for Earthgov at a young age. Thanks to a precocious intellect, Lyle developed a serum that allowed him to become invisible. He won his place in the Legion on the strength of this discovery. He soon became the second brain of the Legion, behind Brainiac 5, as the inventor of many useful devices – including the Legion’s flight rings. Lyle was instrumental in rescuing the team from Tangleweb, and helped covertly gather information against President Chu. He was elected leader for a time after Shrinking Violet disappeared. He also led the Legion’s “espionage” division.

Lyle developed a serum that gives him the power to bend light rays around his body and clothing, rendering him invisible to the human and alien eye.

The previous creators of the Legion books had said on numerous occasions that one of the Legion members was going to be revealed as gay. Then exiting penciller Jeff Moy spilled the beans one day and announced that it was going to be Lyle who turned out gay – but since the Legion books were getting new creators that revelation has since been shelved for the time being. Current writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have said they have no problem with continuing this eventual character trait – but unfortunately have no such plans in the immediate future due to a year-long story commitment called “Legion Lost” – where Lyle, and numerous other Legionnaires, won’t be seen for some time.

Issues of interest are Legionnaires #59 and #64. Read the Brainiac 5 and Chemical King profiles.

Invisible Kid’s creators are Jerry Siegel and Jim Mooney. The character first appeared in Action Comics #267 (August, 1960).

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July 15, 2021
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