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Contributed by Joe Steel.

Every ninety years, twelve gods recur in human bodies. Within two years, all twelve gods die. Inanna is one of the Pantheon of twelve gods to recur in the 2010s in England. Inanna was also a part of the last Recurrence of gods in the 1830s, when she recurred in a female body and was the last of that Pantheon to die.

In the 2013, Inanna recurred in the body of Zahid, a shy fan of the Pantheon. Inanna had a relationship with the god Baal, but they had a falling out when Inanna slept with Lucifer (who in this Recurrence, recurred in the body of a female). Lucifer described Inanna as an “ethical slut.” Inanna was attacked by his fellow god Baphomet, who was trying to steal his power. Ultimately, Inanna is killed as part of the mysterious plan of Ananke, an enigmatic, seemingly-immortal woman who is present at the Recurrence of every god. Baal regrets never having told Inanna that he loved him. Kieron Gillen, the creator of Inanna and The Wicked + The Divine, has said on Tumblr that “the readings of Inanna which take him as either genderqueer or at least strongly suspecting he was genderqueer have strong textual support … I’d say there are many sad things about Inanna, and that he got cut off half way through entirely figuring himself out is one of the biggest ones, and one of the bigger points.”

Inanna could fly, teleport via starlight, and had the power of divination. His performances turn into orgies. Baphomet described these performances as “sex with the volume turned up.”

Please read Joe Steel’s Baal profile.

Inanna is pansexual and genderqueer. Inanna first appeared in The Wicked + The Divine #6.

Created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Art by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson from The Wicked + The Divine #6.

All rights reserved Kieron Gillen Limited and Jamie McKelvie

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