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Imani Kolawole

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Imani is a high ranking member of the new government of the Democratic Republic of Wakanda. Imani is fiercely loyal to Prime Minister Folasade and was prepared to die defending her from members of the Hatut Zeraze when they engaged in a military coop to seize control of Wakanda. Imani fought alongside Folasade, the Black Panther and their allies to retake control of the government.

Sometime later Imani was put in command of a joint strike force of the Wakandans, the Atlanteans and the Avengers to stop a terrorist group led by a rogue Wakandan who had taken control of the Internet by seizing the various data centres worldwide. Afterward Imani was nominated by Folasade to be Wakanda’s Minister Of State for their performance in these crises.

Imani is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns. The Buffalo Solider addressed Imani as “ma’am” when responding to their orders to the strike force, but he was of alien origin and didn’t always fully understand some things about his human allies so he may not have understood or been aware of Imani’s nonbinary identity.

Imani first appeared in Black Panther vol.8 #3 by John Ridley and German Peralta.

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March 2, 2024
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