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Image & Humble Bundle Team Up For HRC

Image Comics and Humble Bundle have teamed up to create the Image Comics Creators OWN Worlds Humble Bundle to tempt LGBT nerds! Not only will these titles appeal to queer readers, the Human Rights Campaign will benefit from proceeds of sales! As with all past Humble Bundles, it’s pay as you want to get copies of books among three tiers. The entry level alone is an amazing value with the OGN Virgil from Steve Orlando and J D Faith, the really gay Kaptara, and Phonogram volume 1! Plus eight more! Paying more than the average price unlocks eight more titles: Ellis’ Injection and Trees, Millar’s Jupiter’s Circle, the Rat Queens Special, BKV’s Saga volume 4, Robert Kirkman’s Outcast, Nowhere Men, and Just The Tips! Twenty bucks gets you even more with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet volume 1, Wayward Deluxe Edition by Jim Zub, over 40 issues each of Invincible Compendium and Stray Bullets, and Remender’s Low volume 1. That’s an astounding 24 titles either as graphic novels or individual issues with a total price of well over $300! Just to help put this in a little more perspective, Orlando’s Virgil alone is cover priced at $10 for a print trade and well worth it in my opinion! A copy of the out of print Phonogram is impossible to find on Ebay under $10!

This deal ends on January 27th! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

May 27, 2020
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