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Ian Soo

When Ian Soo is first seen by readers it’s shortly into his hastily contrived career and guise as Telekinian (yes, he knows it’s a lame name) shortly after he has robbed an armored car. His criminal career is soon ended thanks to a run in with Hellcat and a surprise quote from Wicked by Ian. Ian and Hellcat quickly bond while Ian shares some of his story. He was recently affected by Terrigen Mist Bomb which gave him telekinetic power and he thought using his power to steal money would be an easy, harmless way to get some cash to keep his apartment and to live on for a while. Soo happens to be out of work and newly single after the relationship he was in ended. A comedy of errors finds Patsy down on her luck, and Ian invites her to become his new roommate. They discover they have someone in common: Tom Hale , the owner of Burly Books, an LGBT bookstore, in Brooklyn. Ian begins to work for Tom after Tom discovers Ian’s telekinesis and how handy it can be with lifting boxes and stocking shelves. Ian may be developing a romantic attraction to Tom.

Black Cat enlists an all female gang of thieves to break into Patsy’s office late one night. When things go awry there, they end up walking to Patsy’s apartment and, Zoe, one of the women realizes, the address is the same as Ian’s. Zoe angrily confronts Ian and it comes out that she was Ian’s former roommate and also the person who left Ian when he was first introduced in the series debut.

Ian is young and likeable, and seems to have an interest in theater, or at least has a passion for Wicked. This profile will be updated.

Ian Soo first appears in Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #1. Ian is bisexual.

Created by Kate Leth and Brittney L Williams. Art by Brittney L Williams and Megan Wilson.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics

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