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House Of Slay Debuts On Tapas!

Ready for the fashion world’s first superheroes?!?! House of Slay is a fantastically glamorous adventure based on some of fashion’s most important creators! Exclusively on Tapas!

Five friends from the upper echelons of New York’s fashion world are granted superpowers by a mysterious ancient deity. With their newfound abilities, they form the House of Slay, vowing to combat the fear of the other and build a community of love, hope, and solidarity. But they’re not the only super-powered act in town! A ruthless and mysterious man fueled by the shadowy hatred of everyday people is on the hunt for more mystical power. What happens when he comes face-to-face with the House of Slay?

Find it here on Tapas!

FREE to read. Updates on Thursdays

Principals: Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Tina Leung, Ezra J William, And Phillip Lim

House of Slay is created by writer Jeremy Holt, artist Soo Lee, colorist Kimi Lee, lettered by Andworld Design, editor Alex Lu, and fronted with cover art by Kevin Wada. Executive Producer: Michael Y. Chow. Producers: Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni for Einhorn’s Epic Productions (EEP). Partnered with XRM Media and published by Tapas Media.

November 11, 2021
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