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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Nathaniel Carver is a mutant of mixed Korean-Caucasian background with the power of psychometry. When he touches another person’s skin he instantly forms a psychic link to that person, experiencing their memories and emotions. He is unable to control his powers, so he constantly wears gloves to minimize the risk of accidental contact.

His powers give him a third-person perspective to the memories, allowing him to notice details that the person who actually experienced the events may have failed to notice. Nathaniel can also read psychic “imprints” people have left behind on objects they’ve touched, but that is more difficult for him and requires greater concentration.

When Nathaniel first came to the Xavier Institute to learn how to control his powers, he was assigned to Jubilee’s class along with various other young mutants who were designated to be not potential X-Men members. Since not every mutant has a power that is useful in combat, and not every mutant is interested in becoming a superhero, the X-Men created Jubilee’s class to prepare those mutants for a different life–to be able to control their abilities and try to adapt into regular society.

Nathaniel quickly formed a friendship with fellow gay classmate Benjamin Deeds (aka Morph). Although there was a mutual attraction between them, Nathaniel resisted it and wanted to remain just friends. Nathaniel’s inability to control his powers had ruined his relationships with his father, his ex-boyfriend and his former best friend, as he accidentally learned things about their true thoughts and feelings that he didn’t want to know and which soured his feelings about them. That experience left him with deep trust issues which is why he kept putting up barriers with Benjamin. Eventually Nathaniel realized he wasn’t be fair to Benjamin or himself, and the two have since begun dating.

Nathaniel was given the code name “Hindsight” by classmate Quentin Quire. Although not intending to adopt a combatant role as a superhero, Hindsight has used his powers to assist in search-and-rescue operations, and once played a pivotal role in defending the school from an attack by the vampiric parasite mutant Emplate.

Hindsight first appeared in Generation X vol.2 #1 (2017) by Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna.

Hindsight created by Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna. Art by Pinna and Felipe Sobreiro or Nolan Woodard from Generation X #3. This issue’s credits do not list specific page numbers for the colorists.

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