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Henry Greider

Contributed by Michael McDermott

Henry is the son of powerful Texas senator, Hugh Greider. His father not only accepted his son’s homosexuality, but actually found it to be a valuable tool in his political maneuvering. Miles Bennett, C.E.O. of Cyberoptics, one of America’s main designers of military software, was going to testify before a senate committee that a certain super-gun program was not ready for mass production. If Congress doesn’t approve funding for the project, Senator Greider loses a major contract, as well as lots of jobs and money for his constituents. To prevent him from testifying, Henry pursued a relationship with Bennett’s son, Gary. Henry seduced Gary and the senator had a photographer to take pictures of the two of them having sex. They planned to use these pictures to blackmail Miles Bennett into not testifying.

“Out And About” magazine planned to run a story outing Henry, which would ruin the senator’s blackmail scheme, so he hired Nomad to stop them. Once Nomad learned the truth behind Henry’s relationship with Gary, he convinced “Out And About” to drop the story about Henry, and instead do a feature on Gary Bennett, and how the senator set him up.

Greider first appears and is confirmed gay in Nomad #14, written by Fabian Nicieza. Created by Nicieza and Rick Mays. Art by Rick Mays.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment.

July 14, 2021
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