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Hello, Sophia Campbell

Hello, Sophia! It’s nice to meet you!

The creator formerly known as Ross Campbell recently made a very personal announcement on their Tumblr. Quoting Campbell: “it’s time to stop hiding! i’m transgender and over the past year i’ve been transitioning and i’m sick of keeping it all a secret. i’m on hormones now so i figured now is the time to come out. i’m going by Sophia but Sophie for short. 🙂

i don’t really feel proud or confident or anything, it’s a nightmare, but maybe i’ll get there one day.

thanks, everyone!”

Taking to Twitter, Sophia shared more thoughts about her transition, including concerns about traveling to conventions because of issues with her identification and TSA security. Gayleague supports Sophia’s decision to transition and hope that you will too.

You may know Campbell from their series Wet Moon and Shadow Eyes graphic novel. We’ll all be treated to Sophia’s art on a regular basis because she is the artist on the soon to be released Jem and the Holograms comic from IDW.

March 9, 2015
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