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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Hector is a member of the Pantheon, a corps of superhumans descended from and led by the immortal half-god Agamemnon, dedicated to preventing and ending crises worldwide. Nothing is known about his background or what his life was like prior to entering Agamemnon’s service, nor is it known precisely how he is related to Agamemnon, but he is one of the Pantheon’s most effective operatives. Although the Pantheon’s current activities remain unknown following a disruption of their activities due to a conflict between Agamemnon and his temporary successor, the Hulk, it may be assumed that Hector continues to aid his kinsmen in their efforts.

Hector’s homosexuality is known to his teammates, who accept him for who he is despite occasional familial bickering. He was briefly seen to be flirting with Northstar, a guest at the wedding of the Hulk’s friend Rick Jones, but otherwise nothing is known of his private life. He is the unwilling recipient of longtime romantic sentiments from his distant kinswoman Cassiopeia.

Another interesting item revealed during Peter David’s Incredible Hulk tenure is the statement by Nick Fury in #411 that the regulations of SHIELD, the omnipresent military-intelligence agency of the Marvel Universe:”don’t give gays any grief.”

Like most of his kinsmen, Hector appears to possess an enhanced level of endurance, agility, and recovery from injury, evidently the legacy of Agamemnon’s demigod nature. He wields a glowing mace, composed of an unidentified form of energy, which vanishes when not in use. Although first impressions might lead some to believe that the Pantheon members create their personal weapons from nowhere, the weapons in fact exist independently of them and are passed down to new operatives when their previous wielders die. As a member of the Pantheon, Hector has access to a wide range of high-tech weaponry and equipment.

Hector’s sexual orientation is discussed in Incredible Hulk #413 and #417. The Pantheon’s base of operations is The Mount, a facility located in the southwestern US.

Hector created by Peter David and Dale Keown.

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