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Heavy Artillery

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Heavy Artillery is a member of the Super-Homies, an elite superhero team (the Empowered-universe’s version of the Avengers).  He has a large cannon in place of his head.  He appears to be a reserve member of the team, or at least not one of their more prominent members–so far he has appeared mostly as a background character in large group meetings or social functions, and we have yet to see him in action in a field mission.

Heavy Artillery outed himself to the audience when the Super Homies were examining some YAOI slash fan-fiction comics about the team, commenting that the stories were definately written by women *for* women: “‘Cause speaking as a gay male, this yaoi crap does nothing for me”.  Although Emp was surprised by Heavy Artillery’s sexuality, none of the other Super Homies made any comment–so presumably none of them have any issue with him (despite several of the male Super-Homies being sexist jerks, so it would not be a surprise for them to be homophobic too).

Heavy Artillery is one of the few Super Homies not shown to treat Emp poorly for being relatively ineffective as a superhero. However they have barely interacted at all on-panel, so it is unclear if he actually treats her better than most of her other teammates, or if we simply haven’t seen any examples of him treating her badly.

Heavy Artillery first appeared in Empowered vol 1 and is outed in Empowered vol 3. Art by Adam Warren from Empowered volume 3.

All rights reserved Adam Warren.

July 14, 2021
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