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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Nothing is known about Hayden except that he is renowned in the super-villain community (“Four skulls—highest rating.”) for locating and subletting secret hideouts. He sublets one of Doctor Octopus’s old lairs to the mercenary Deadpool, but neglects to warn him upfront that he will be sharing the place with two super-villains, the Constrictor and Titania (who is actually Deadpool’s old flame Copycat in disguise). Presuming a setup, Deadpool attacks his new roommates, then, after the 3 come to an understanding, they vent their annoyance by tying Hayden up in the mechanical arms of a Doctor Octopus statue. Hayden is left in this condition for a while but is eventually released, and he is not seen again until he attends a funeral for Deadpool (who later returns from the dead).

Hayden’s attire (leather pants, pink shirt, purple jacket; he wears a laced shirt at Deadpool’s funeral), preference for gaudy jewelry, and somewhat campy speech patterns are apparently meant to convey an “effeminate” air, and when addressing him Deadpool twice corrects himself to identify Hayden as a “person” instead of a “guy” or a “man.” These overt and stereotypical hints (not what one would expect from a writer of Christopher Priest’s caliber) are presumably meant to imply that Hayden is gay, but nothing more definite is ever stated.

Hayden appears in Deadpool (1997)  #38. and 39. Created by Christopher Priest and Paco Diaz. Art by Diaz, John Holdridge, and Shannon Blanchard from Deadpool #39.

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July 14, 2021
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