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Writer Jordan Clark introduces a character by the name Ha’Wea in a story written for Aquaman #62 and #63. Ha’Wea is a young man from the underwater kingdom of Xebel from which Mera also comes. He has an outgoing personality that isn’t immediately apparent when the character is first seen in Aquaman #62. Like many other Xebelians not of royal blood, Ha’Wea enlisted in Xebel’s military after completing his education and is a sentry guarding Xebel’s border, presumably trying to catch Atlanteans, with whom Xebel are rivals, from attempting to enter the kingdom. It was either the military or working on a plankton farm.

Clark created Ha’Wea as a potential romantic interest for Jackson Hyde (aka Aqualad II). After the two characters meet Clark shows more of Ha’Wea’s personality. He’s friendly, writes music, is teaching himself to play the udra, and has an interest in the works of poet/playwright/author Lokua, one of Xebel’s cultural icons, whose family is controversial because Lokua’s daughter Lucia cooperated with Black Manta to steal a map to an ancient weapon. Ha’Wea is also charming and trusting and perhaps a little too easily charmed himself by the fact that Jackson claims to be from the surface world which fascinates Ha’Wea. From a reader’s point of view it’s easy to look past this character flaw when taking into account when a line of Ha’Wea’s dialog reveals that he’s wanted to leave Xebel since he was six years old. Also, he’s so smitten with Jackson that he recites his favorite Lokua poem after the pair comes to a statue of the poet during their wandering of Xebel.

Without spoiling a big part of the plot in issue #63, Ha’Wea rises to a challenge that suddenly besets the city. Refreshingly, Clark allows Ha’Wea to be a little scared about the circumstances.

Happily Ha’Wea and Jackson’s meeting ends with the possibility of more appearances.

There is not enough information to determine if Ha’Wea is gay or bisexual.

Ha’Wae is the creation of Jordan Clark and Marco Santucci. His two appearances to date are in Aquaman #62 and #63 (2020). Art by Marco Santucci and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

All rights reserved DC Comics

October 5, 2020
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