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Happy Birthday, Roberta Gregory

Roberta Gregory is best known for “Bitchy Bitch” Midge McCracken who starred in the Naughty Bits comic strip, comic book, and graphic novel. Bitchy Bitch was angry at the world and frequently exploded, saying what was on her mind. Bitchy Butch was Midge’s lesbian analog. Gregory’s work was first published in the college paper during her studies at CSU Long Beach, where she created her Feminist Funnies strip. From there, she entered the underground comix world when a story of hers appeared in Wimmen’s Comix #4 and on to Dynamite Damsels, which Gregory believes may be the first solo female published comic book. Other stories appeared in later issues of Wimmen’s Comix, Tits and Clits, and Gay Comix (whose title later changed to Gay Comics to note a change from “underground” status). Her self published graphic novel Winging It had a mythical-metaphysical tone. Her work has also appeared in Anything That Loves from Northwest Press.

Visit Roberta’s site.

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