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Convergence – Who will return to DC for this?

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    Anton Kawasaki

    Just curious how many former DC fans might relapse and buy any of the Convergence titles? Supposedly it will be throwing some bones to pre-New52 fans, showing characters or situations that no longer exist.

    I’m sure this will bring back some fans just for these two months, but — as much as I miss the old DC — I can’t bring myself to get involved again for such a short time, just to see it all go away again…probably for good this time.

    I’m trying to see if there’s ANYTHING that would bring me back there (that’s realistically plausible).

    Obviously a complete change of DC leadership, and erasing the last 3+ years would do it — but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Of all the actual possibilities that COULD happen, none seem like they would be enough to make me care again. MAAAAAYBE I would get yet another mini-reboot offshoot (that was NOT the “All-Star” or “Earth 2 [graphic novel]” lines — and actually GOOD and well thought out). But I doubt they would go for yet another take again. And honestly, I don’t trust them to do it right even if they did.

    So…DC seems pretty much dead forever for me, I guess. :-\

    But if you’re thinking of returning for Convergence, I’d love to know…(especially after, and what you thought).


    Anton Kawasaki


    …Convergence is now over, and we — theoretically — have ALL the histories of DC “back.”

    What do you all think of this sudden turn of events? I can’t imagine DC will REALLY start publishing too many stories from ANY continuity. I’m sure they will continue with the majority of their titles embracing the New 52 continuity for as long as they can. After all, a “shared universe” — even a badly conceived one — is what fans really crave. The thrill of the Marvel movies is that they all teamed together for Avengers. It wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting if they were all separate continuities. And so DC will need to stick with SOME semblance of continuity…and I’m guessing the new 52 will still be it.

    But…there’s at least a little bit of hope for some gems to slip through here and there. Before, there was about 0% chance of me reading a DC Universe book, and now that’s increased to about 5-10%. That’s something…

    How about all of you other former DC fans? Will you give anything in the NEW new DC a try?



    I’ll give it a try

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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