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Trying to get started with my own Comic!

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    Hey, um my name’s Amanda Snowflake. I run a company that’s trying to break into manga publishing. The only issue is that we’re to small to really have a budget. So I was wondering if I could get every bodies thoughts on my current, kickstarter (in a constructive fashion please ^^;)  it’s for our first ever book. to be honest I think our goal is so high that it won’t get funded like….at all…but it doesn’t hurt to try right? Anyways it’s called GSA the Manga and is a comedy about a bunch of LGBT kids in their highschool’s Gay Straight ALlience Club.


    It’s not a romance novel, its just a novel where most of the characters happen to be LGBT. And its a slice of life comedy. Thanks a bunch. Also I’m kinda new officially but I’ve been lurking here for a while, like a whole month atleast, but I’m unsure of the exact time frame. I’m autstic and therefor have a hard time (do to sensory issues) telling time. I feel like it’s been months but totally unsure…anyways thanks for your feedback. -Amanda Snowflake

    PS>.<‘ here’s the first page 😀


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