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It’s the Homoerotic Gay Demon Familiar Pin-Up Challenge!

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    Dale Lazarov

    ATTN: ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS/CARTOONISTS OF G+/Tumblr/Facebook/DeviantArt/Twitter/etc: It’s the Homoerotic Gay Demon Familiar Pin-Up Challenge!

    Draw what you imagine your Gay Demon Familiar, who whispers homosexy things into your ear, looks like! This pin-up challenge is inspired by this anti-gay Jack Chick comic strip: .

    You can draw your Gay Demon Familiar alone or leading you into homo-temptation in the pin-up. You can make him an imp or a giant, cute or scary, beatific or hot to trot, etc, etc, as long as you make him homoerotic! Diversity in body type, race, size, age, ethnicity, masculinity, etc, etc, etc, are extremely welcome. But note that I will reject entries that are Sad Gay Angels With Huge Cocks! I see too many of those already.

    Your deadline is Sunday, March 29th, 2015. IMPORTANT: When you are done with your illustration, send the image to along with 1) the name you want me to credit for the illustration, 2) a link to your web-presence if you want me to use one with the Tumblr post, and 3) the name you want me to tag on Facebook (friend me if we’re not FB friends!) and/or G+ if you want me to tag you there. I will post Homoerotic Gay Demon Familiar Pin-Ups on my tumblog, my Pinterest and on my other online presences, with credit and/or link to participants, as I receive them.<

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    Bob Ferry

    I like this idea, and think I’ll probably contribute. I keep wondering to myself if my gay demon familiar would look like my homoerotic desires, or look a little more like me and aspire to homoerotic desires. Maybe because it aspires to it, then it would look like the exact opposite?

    I was checking out some of the other challenges you’ve done and there’s some very interesting stuff there. For some of the challenges you’ve had a lot more responses than for others? You any idea why?


    Dale Lazarov

    To everyone:

    Incidentally, all past challenges are hosted in folders here:

    To Bob:

    You can never predict what challenge entries will go viral but I can tell you that the ones that had less participation share a certain level of difficulty.

    Say, the Homoerotic Crossover Pin-Up Challenge — draw a homoerotic pin-up featuring a crossover “team-up” between two characters from different comics that have **something in common that brings them together**” — 1) requires some knowledge base of superheroes to make the pin-up and 2) to get the joke of the pin up.   So less people drew them and less aggregators reshared them.


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    Bob Ferry

    You’ll find my submission in your inbox!


    Dale Lazarov
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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