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Help for a newbie

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    I’m an aspiring porn comic artist, I want to draw in the style of Comic Super Heroes, I likes ’em big and muscly.  I have a few books on how to draw comic heroes but it is proving too difficult for me to try and “draw between the lines” to turn Spiderman into a big naked Muscle Bear getting busy with a hot chaser boy.   Can anyone offer me advice and suggestions for how to learn to draw like this?


    DC Hampton Jacobs

    Don’t go to instruction books.  Go to the best Muscle Bear comics in existence today:  Bakudan Comics from Japan.  Get ’em @  You want to study the styles of artists like Gengoroh Tagame, Jiraiya and Seizoh Ebisubashi.  Spain’s Ediciones La Cupula has published some of Jiraiya’s great artwork in Spanish-language versions.  Also try to get hold of one or more of the three volumes of Gay Erotic Art in Japan.  They’re often available on eBay; pricey but worth it.  You also want to study online samples of hard-to-get Gay Manga artwork by Go Hirano and Sadao Hasegawa.  Finally, make sure MASSIVE by Chip Kidd and Anne Ishii is on your bookshelf.  It’s an indispensable anthology of Gay Erotic Manga.  Nobody does Muscle Bears better than the Japanese graphic novelists.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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