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Green Lantern

Once upon  a time, Green Lantern had many adventures, often solo, sometimes with comedic sidekick Doiby Dickles or with the Justice Society of America. Then superheroes became unpopular and  many disappeared, including Green Lantern, until DC editor Julius Schwartz and a select few artists and writers began to modernize various superheroes, starting with Flash and then Green Lantern, for a new generation. Then, Flash writer Gardner Fox created the idea of Earth-Two, which became home to many of DC’s Golden Age superheroes. The concept provided the foundation for annual teamups between the Justice League and Justice Society and the occasional meets between namesake heroes such as Flash, Green Lantern, and Atom. Roy Thomas expanded the lives of Earth Two characters in enormous detail, whether in relating new stories or expanding on original events of the Golden Age heroes in All Star Squadron or introducing new characters in Infinity, Inc that were the adult children of or otherwise connected to Earth Two’s original heroes. Alan Scott came to learn that he had fathered two children, Jenny and Todd, who as Jade and Obsidian were superheroes in their own rights. Then came Crisis of Infinite Earths, re-writing and condensing character history. Alan, Todd, and Jenny transitioned to an Earth that had been reconfigured as the sole nexus of the DC’s universe. Eventually writer Marc Andreyko took Todd/ Obsidian from being  the poster boy of emo metahumans and transformed him into a happier, gay man who was in a relationship with Damon Matthews that would last and become a family with children (thanks to a flash forward story). Father Alan was uncomfortable with his son’s sexuality and relationship with Damon, though it is my opinion writers were showing Scott progression from being uncomfortable to accepting and supportive. Then came Flashpoint and DC’s superheroes were relaunched across the board. The multiverse is restored and Earth Two is being re-introduced and repopulated with updated versions of mainstay heroes, all of whom are in their 20’s or early 30’s, and thus eliminating the Infinity Inc heroes including Obsidian and Jade for the foreseeable future. We can always read Manhunter trades to remember a happy Todd and Damon.


Alan Scott is a well known, wealthy media mogul with private jets and a number of private residences, including a penthouse in Hong Kong.  Alan has a boyfriend named Sam that is introduced in Earth Two #2. Sam appears to be thoughtful and caring and the two men look to be very much in love. How writer James Robinson relates Alan’s transformation into a superhero who will lead a new Justice Society and Alan and Sam’s relationship will unfold in future stories. Some sort of wreckage is in the background of Alan’s one panel cameo in The New 52 FCBD Special Edition. Check back for updates!

Green Lantern was created by artist Martin Nodell who collaborated with writer Bill Finger. His first appearance was in All-American Comics #16 (July, 1940), where he continued to appear for some years as well as in the pages of All Star Comics in which he was a charter member of the Justice Society.

This iteration of Green Lantern/ Alan scott first appeared in Earth Two #1 and is shown as gay in Earth Two #2. Previews pages of this issue were released by DC to various media outlets on June 1st 2012, creating a flurry of reactions.

Read also Obsidian’s and Damon Matthews‘ entries.

Art by Nicola Scott. Image nicked from Washington Post

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May 28, 2020
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