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Grayson’s Surprise

Nightwing! Nightwing! Nightwing! Who could pass up Dick with that incredibly tight butt? Me, for one. What the hell?! Nightwing’s first volume – and I have the entire run – had been cancelled for over a year at that point if I recall correctly so I’d already gone through withdrawal aside from the occasional appearance in Batman Inc. So after DC’s relaunch nearly three years ago limiting my Batman related titles to Batgirl. Batwoman, and the last of Batman Inc. wasn’too difficult. Whether you read Forever Evil or not you know that Nightwing was captured, tortured, forced to listen to Owlman’s rambling thoughts, and unmasked for everyone to see, leaving Dick’s fate uncertain until the announcement that he’d become a super spy in a new series drawn by the very talented Mikel Janin, whose work I’ve admired from Justice League Dark. As first issues go the story is mostly set up with Dick boarding the Trans Mongolian train in his inimitable style. For me the best scene occurs toward the end when Stormwatch’s Midnighter makes a surprise appearance. Actually he appears in the beginning as well. Stormwatch is cancelled for now (thanks, Jim Starlin and DC!) but Grayson writers Tim Seeley and Tom King told Newsarama they have plans to use Midnighter as a recurring character and integrate him into DC’s spy world. To top off their first encounter Seeley and King added a little sexual tension to the scene! Looks like I’ll add Grayson to my pull list!


March 7, 2015
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