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Grayson Goes Gay?

So this happened in the latest issue of Grayson this week in case you’re not following it. Dick — Grayson that is — has been working deep cover having infiltrated the ultra high tech Spyral spy network that also runs the St Hadrian Finishing School for young women as a front for recruitment and training. Being segregated from men except for instructors and staff has had quite an effect on the students as you might imagine. Shirtless pics of Grayson snapped by secretly placed cameras has a small group of students mounting a “man-ty raid” and a half naked Dick happily leads them on a chase and showing off his body by swinging through treetops and off roofs. It’s all fun and games until Dick and the women are confronted by Matron, aka Helena Bertinelli, and she’s not exactly happy about this. There must be consequences for such frolicking and teasing and this is what Spyral’s head came up with.


Writers Tim Seeley and Tom King have just teased the hell out of a whole lot of gay readers and probably quite a few women, too, by creating this gay cover for Grayson! I can barely wait to see Mikel Janin draw scenes involving Dick’s new gay cover! Midnighter and Apollo make an appearance in this story too!

March 7, 2015
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