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Contributed by Hope

Jonas Graymalkin was discovered buried in the ground at Xavier’s by Cipher, one of Xaviers ‘invisible’ students and joined her in the shadows watching the Young X-Men. He helps to save the Young X-Men from Donald Pierce who is impersonating Cyclops in order to get the Young X-Men to destroy the New Mutants, Xaviers original teen squad.

Graymalkin’s powers increase when there is no light, where he gains strength, agility, and durability. His powers manifested when he was buried alive by his father in the 1800’s, putting him in a state of suspended animation where he did not age, but his skin turned a dark grey and his physiology changed slightly. He is a distant relation of Charles Xavier.

Beast, the X-Men’s physician, expressed confusion about the source of Graymalkin’s mutation later, asking the question “if his powers manifested while he was buried, why did his father murder him”. In a conversation with Anole, Graymalkin revealed that he was gay and had been caught with a local boy, causing his father to lash out and attempt to kill him.

Graymalkin was first seen in a vision on Young X-Men #1 and made his first appearance in Young X-Men #3, and confirmed gay in X-Men Manifest Destiny #3. Graymalkin previously co-starred in Young X-Men and now appears in the background of various X-books.

Created by Marc Guggenheim and Yanick paquette. Art by Paquette and Serge LaPointe.

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