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Goldie Vance

Goldie Vance is a charming and fun series starring the titular Goldie (Marigold) Vance, a teenage girl who possesses an outgoing personality and a curious mind which can get her into some sticky situations. She lives in St Pascal Florida with her father Arthur with whom she also works at the Crossed Palms resort. Goldie’s mother Sylvie is a mermaid swimmer at St Pascal’s Mermaid Club. Arthur is the resort director and Goldie often works as a car valet which is good because an interest in driving and repairing cars is at the top of her list. Goldie often lends a helping head to hotel security chief Walter Tooey whether or not it’s wanted. Let’s say she’s very enthusiastic to assist. While having a love of cars, Goldie’s mode of transportation is her reliable bike, Big Blue. Cheryl Lebeaux, Goldie’s best friend, works the front desk and has been known to help Goldie in her detective quests. Typically good natured, Goldie can become exasperated by her nemesis Sugar Maple, the daughter of the Crossed Palms owner.

Diane is clerk who works at the Wax and Wane Record shop located on Lime Street in a popular neighborhood. Writer Hope Larson shows that Goldie is crushing hard on Diane, but thanks to a big misunderstanding on Goldie’s part she believes Diane isn’t interested. A day or so later Goldie enlists Diane’s help in solving the mystery surrounding a necklace with an odd symbol on it. After wacky hijinks ensue and the case is closed, Goldie asks out Diane.

Goldie Vance was created by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams. Her first appearance is in the debut issue of the self titled comic. Larson reveals Goldie’s crush in issue #2 and their tentative date is seen in issue #4.

Originally a series, the comic switched to graphic novel format, all of which are available from Amazon or ask your comic shop.

Art by Brittney Williams.

All rights reserved Hope Larson and Brittney Williams

July 13, 2021
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