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Golden Age Green Lantern “Queer”

This panel is from the Green Lantern story in All-American Comics #28. On the left is Irene Miller, a secretary at the Apex Broadcasting System with aspirations of being a reporter like Lois Lane, and the short gent is Doiby Dickles, cab driver extraordinaire who became Green Lantern’s comedic sidekick in the previous issue. If Wonder Woman can have the short and sassy Etta Candy then why shouldn’t Green Lantern have his own Bronx (or was it Joisey) equivalent? Too bad Doiby didn’t come with a gang of Holiday Boys! I digress.

Art by Mart Nodell

Irene Miller is introduced in the third Green Lantern story in All-American #18. She’s been coerced by some two it gangster into shooting some man for some reason in some non descript cafe because her brother did something stupid and the gangster made her brother’s life hell. Alan Scott is there in the nick of time to stop her from making her life worse. Green Lantern gets on the case and uses his ring to scare the bejeebus out of the crooks, Irene’s brother is out of trouble, and she starts crushing on Green Lantern who she hasn’t even met. Standard Golden Age pot boiler stuff. The same is true of the story in this issue, but this panel stood out to me because of Irene asks Doiby if he’s had any queer people — queer as in odd or probably criminals in this case, not queer as in gay. Alan Scott asking Doiby would’ve been more ironic, but hey, lately I’ve been in a slump with writing and inspiration.

According to Grand Comics Database, Miller appeared in All-American #18, 20 – 48, & GL #1 – 5, Comic Cavalcade 1 – 3, All Star #3 and 4,  All-Star Squadron #67, Secret Origins #18 (1987) and the Green Lantern: Brightest Day; Blackest Night special from 2002.

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