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Glenn Ryan

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Glenn Ryan was a 21 year old aspiring actor in Los Angeles, set to star in a tv pilot that was coming up on the fall schedule. He met Daken Akihiro, the criminal son of Wolverine, at one of the exclusive parties held by Hollywood movie star Marcus Roston. Glenn and a young woman both attempted to seduce Daken, and Glenn offered some of the designer drug Heat to spice up their tryst. Daken dismissed Glenn as too superficial to hold his interest, although he did take the pills from the young man.

A few hours later, Glenn was high on Heat and found himself being pursued by a serial killer known as “the Claws Killer” who had been terrorizing Hollywood. In his drugged state Glenn hallucinated the killer as a massive, werewolf-like beast. Glenn attempted to flee, but was hacked into pieces by the super-powered killer.

Donna Kiel, the FBI agent investigating the Claws Killer, originally suspected Daken since his powers fit and he was one of the last people to see Glenn alive, but the true killer was eventually exposed.

Glenn Ryan first appeared in Daken: Dark Wolverine #10 (2011) by Rob Williams and Matteo Buffagni and Riley Rossmo.

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