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Girl Joe

Girl Joe is a respected social and political Vlogger and Influencer who exposed the use of black magic on Wall Street. Joe is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They are reported to have a broad following in LGBTQ+ communities, and was once voted “Queer of the Year”.

Mister Sensitive, leader of the team of mutant celebrity heroes known as X-Statix, reached out to Girl Joe as an ally in their conflict with hero-turned-villain Zeitgeist and his new team The X-Cellent, who live-stream their various attacks and incidents in search of social media fame. Mister Sensitive knew Joe’s opinion carries a lot of weight and wanted them to help undermine the X-Cellent’s bid of popularity. Joe agreed but warned him that they would hold X-Statix to the same standard and would call out either team for activity they didn’t like.

Joe released a video condemning the X-Cellent after they live-streamed themselves invading and vandalizing Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. Zeitgeist started losing followers as a result, and posted a video of his own reaching out to his fanbase about the “so-called journalist” that was “impugning his good name” and posted Joe’s address as well. An angry mob of Zeitgeist followers soon began protesting outside Girl Joe’s home with placards, hurling insults–and rocks through their window!

Joe reached out to X-Statix for protection but the team was delayed in responding due to their own internal dramas. A more heroically-inclined member of the X-Cellent named Fluff objected to Zeitgeist’s actions and arrived to protect Joe and drive the angry mob away. Although Joe was originally offended by Fluff’s machismo, his sexist behaviour and his insistence on referring to them as a ‘girl’, they ended up being impressed by Fluff.

Joe posted another video, praising Fluff and calling out X-Statix for failing to respond to the crisis until after Fluff had already resolved the situation.

The 2022 run of The X-Cellent ended on a cliffhanger which will be resolved in the The X-Cellent miniseries coming in 2023, which may include additional appearances for Girl Joe.

Girl Joe first appeared in The X-Cellent (2022) #3 and was created by Peter Milligan and Michael and Laura Allred.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

Contributed by Mike McDermott

January 18, 2023
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