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Peter Goldman was born to Silvia Goldman and Omar Janus, a free-spirited Mediterranean vagabond. Soon after their son’s birth, Omar abandoned Silvia to raise the child by herself. A single Jewish mother, Silvia worked hard to give her son the best education and childhood her meager earnings could afford.

As a young adult, Peter began to train as a gymnast, and soon revealed that he had a natural aptitude for the sport. It was not long after that that Jeanne Darque, wielder of the mysterious Cube, came to see him. The Cube, as it turned out, had selected Peter to receive amazing powers, and thus become one of its Guardians. With his new-found abilities, Peter would henceforth be known as Ghost Boy. Since his transformation, Ghost Boy has been under the direct guidance of Jeanne Darque, who in turn treats him like a son.

Since meeting Naked Justice, Ghost Boy and the scantily clad hero have become intimate and their relationship continues to grow with each passing day.

Ghost Boy is out to everyone but his mother: his mother means the world to him, and Ghost Boy cannot bear the thought of losing her. Silvia is extremely conservative, and has a rather unyielding temper. Therefore, he has always avoided confronting her about his true sexual orientation.

Ghost Boy has the ability to dematerialize his molecules: he can phase through solid objects, simulate flight, and disappear, becoming completely invisible. He is extremely agile and athletic, and continues to improve his hand-to-hand combat skills.

Ghost Boy is a member of the Guardians of the Cube.

Visit Class Comics (NSFW) for a complete Ghostboy profile.

Ghostboy created by Patrick Fillion. Art by Fillion. Ghostboy first appeared in The Cube #1 (volume 1) and his sexuality was revealed in The Cube #2 (volume 1).

Patrick Fillion contributed this profile. It originally appeared on the site circa 2004 and disappeared in a hacking incident in 2009.

All rights reserved Patrick Fillion/ Class Comics

March 11, 2022
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