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Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Ten thousand years before the birth of Christ, Ghita is a bisexual woman of the streets who becomes the favorite of first King Runthar of Urd and later King Khalia, although she prefers the company of her childhood friend Thenef, a fradulent court wizard and fellow pickpocket. When the Troll Hordes of Nergal attack Alizarr, sacred city of Tammuz, Khalia is slain and Ghita, armed with the great sword of Khan-Dagon, takes to adventuring alongside Thenef and the half-troll Dahib.

Eventually the trio liberate Alizarr from the Trolls and rule as a triumvirate, but like many another warrior, Ghita tires of the quiet life and sets out upon another adventure, slaying the sorcerer Rahmuz, who had deposed her first patron, King Runthar.

Ghita had no superhuman powers but was a formidable warrior and swordswoman, as well as a skilled pickpocket and seductress. She carried the sword of the legendary warrior Khan-Dagon, which she called “the Great Penis of Annihilation.”

This profile is based on an entry in Jeff Rovin’s “Adventure Heroes.” Ghita’s first appearance is 1984 #7.

All rights reserved the estate of Frank Thorne.

July 13, 2021
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