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Gene Loren

Gene Loren is a New York City resident and earns his living as an attorney. He’s known by his tenacious reputation and empathy towards people who have been wronged by the system for whom he’ll do his best to represent in court. Loren is known by Matt Murdock (AKA Daredevil). Murdock had been involved in a legal matter with Ahmed Jobrani. Jobrani was assaulted by two cops  and evidence exists which can prove this in court. It’s the sort of case that attracts Loren’s attention though he refused to represent Jobrani. Things in Jobrani’s case aren’t adding up for Murdock and Loren’s decision piques Murdock’s curiosity, so he suits up as Daredevil and approaches Loren. Thanks to heightened sense, Daredevil can tell Loren is initially lying. After assurance, Loren opens up about receiving mysterious phone calls from someone threatening to harm his boyfriend. True to his nature, Loren expresses relief at no longer having this secret and then shows concern at learning two other lawyers had the same experience of phone calls threatening loved ones. Despite rejecting the case, Loren gives Daredevil information that aids Murdock’s pursuit to help Jobrani.

Mark Waid’s portrayal of Loren as a gay man is a good example of how mainstream comics can be more representational of the LGBT community. Waid could have easily portrayed these two men as an opposite sexed couple and likely questioned that motivation. Perhaps Waid thought that an older gay male character might have experienced some injustice and inequality in his own life which in turn would create compassion for and a desire to help less fortunate people who may also be members of various minority communities.

Gene Loren and his unnamed boyfriend had their first and only appearance in Daredevil #2 (vol 3). Created by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera. Art by Paolo Rivera, Joe Rivera, and Javier Rodriguez.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.


July 13, 2021
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