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Gen Con Supports Diversity

Gen Con publicly announced yesterday that the gaming convention organization, nearing its 50th anniversary, has sent a letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence stating its opposition to Indiana’s SB 101, a controversial “religious freedom” bill that would allow business owners in the state to discriminate against LGBT couples. Gen Con’s letter states that “it [Gen Con] proudly welcomes a diverse attendee base, made up of different ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, sexual orientations, abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds. We are happy to provide an environment that welcomes all, and the wide-ranging diversity of out attendees has become a key element to the success and growth of our convention.” Further: “Legislation that could allow for refusal of service or discrimination against our attendees will have a direct negative impact on the state’s economy, and will factor into our decision-making on hosting the convention in the state of Indiana in future years.” Read the full letter here.

Gen Con joins several Indiana corporations (Salesforce, Cummins and Eskenazi Health) in opposing the bill. Unlike Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who decided not to sign its religious freedom bill into law, Governor Mike Pence has been quoted to support the bill:

“The legislation, SB 101, is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers that their religious freedoms are intact. I strongly support the legislation and applaud the members of the General Assembly for their work on this important issue. I look forward to signing the bill when it reaches my desk.”

Gay League applauds Gen Con in its support of diversity and stance on opposing discrimination. Let’s hope the Governor Pence has the decency and dignity not to sign discrimination into legislation. If not, Gen Con should follow through on taking its business to a state which welcomes diversity.

May 27, 2020
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