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Geek Pride With Tim Mullen

Childhood Lessons

Tim Mullen

They sent me away to school

I learned from the teachers

Only 2 can get A’s on the curve

My family took me to church,

where I learned that God’s chosen few

know who’s best for me to love.

I grew up under a free government

led by the best and brightest

from the richest and most powerful families

Wonder Woman taught me that love is power

That a true leader knows when to follow

That chastisement may be a necessary means,

but never an end.

Captain America showed me the struggle

of being a Captain to all.

That friendship needn’t hamper authority,

and that titles are only that.

Magneto taught me to stand by

my people and my values, always.

That it’s never too late for a new idea,

a new course, or new friends.

Three noble institutions failed me as a child.

The Mythic heroes of a new age, as an adult, reconciled.

May 27, 2020
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