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Gays In Comics For October 31st

The comic front was fairly quiet this week for LGBTs. Over in True Blood #6, sassy Lafayette sasses up Mrs. Fortenberry who’s trying to get him to reveal his secret recipe for the “hog wild” sauce he’s using to cook a wild boar with for a police fundraiser event because in Bon Temps wild boars are what draw crowds to a fundraiser and sassy Lafayette wouldn’t be caught at boring fish fries or pancake breakfasts like the rest of the country seems to have. Then they both disappear after their single appearance, but they’re of a big double splash page spread to be fair. And drawn pretty prominently…and sassy! So there.

CBLDF’s Liberty Annual is a 48 paged anthology. Last year’s book had a lot of LGBT inclusion, the highlight of which was a Craig Thompson story that featured an Arabic or Persian setting. The 2012 volume has a story about a man and two women who frustrate the — ahem — hell out of a demon who tries to tempt them with numerous things. J Bone draws a prelude to James Robinson’s upcoming Saviors book from Image. And finally, Jim McCann and Janet Lee, who worked together on The Dapper Men for Archaia, turn in a sweet story about families that arises from a conversation between a gay father and an older woman at a laundromat.

There may’ve been other LGBT content this week, but my comics order was on the light side. Please leave a comment if you know of other relevant stories!

March 7, 2015
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