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Gays In Comics For November 21st

Astonishing X-Men writer Marjorie Liu seems ready to explore how DOMA and US immigration affect gay and lesbian citizens, specifically gay and lesbian married couples in which one spouse is a US citizen and the other is not. In AXM #56 Kyle Jinadu-Beaubier (as Kyle and Jean-Paul are going by now) arrives at their New York apartment to find two officers with questions about Jean-Paul’s legal status in the United States. As has been the case in real life with disregard for being a law abiding person, the Immigration agents aren’t in the least impressed with Northstar’s powers or fame or record of opposing villains. All that matters is discerning the legality of Jean-Paul’s presence inside the country. When this situation arises for bi-national couples the emotions and stressful situations that arise from it are threatening and terrifying. But can a real life matter like this be handled in a superhero comic without trivialization or not turned into a soap box sermon? With some writers I’d have doubts, but Liu’s plotting, dialog, and characterization so far in Astonishing makes me think she has the ability to pull it off with finesse.

In X-Factor #247 Madrox and Layla follow through on their idea from last issue and have flown to Vegas where they’re married by an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. Peter David’s plot involves his usual skewed and wacky hijinx with a bloodthirsty paranormal entity that may or may not be the ghost of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. And then just as the happy couple snuggling under the hotel bedcovers one of Jamie’s dupes unexpectedly pops up. Let’s hope the next issue comes out on December 5th because I don’t want to wait a month to find out what happens!

March 7, 2015
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