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Gannon Malloy

Gannon Malloy is a rookie police officer in the Blüdhaven Police Department. The first time he appears several other senior policeman are beating him up in the locker room. During the attack, one of them says “… And now we gotta change clothes in fronta you? If you’re smart, you’ll change at home from now on… ” Dick Grayson enters the locker room before his shift just as the three men are on their way out. Dick offers Gannon help, but Gannon refuses. Dick tries to confirm the names of the attackers but Gannon doesn’t know them since he’d worked the night shift. It’s then that they realize they’re now partners; Amy Rorhbach, Dick’s former partner was promoted to Captain after a majority of the force was revealed to be corrupt.

A second beating involving the same officers occurs in front of Grayson in #78. This time Grayson steps in. When he says he’ll have to report this, the main perpetrator shouts “What are you, Grayson? His boyfriend?” The question is met with a steely “What if I am?” before Captain Rorhback rushes in because of the noise. “We were just messing around, Captain” is the explanation.Gannon and Grayson watch each other’s backs in an encounter with Deathstroke in #80.

Malloy was created by Devin Grayson and Rick Leonardi. Art by Patrick Zircher, Jesse Delperdang, and Gregory Wright from Nightwing #77. Malloy first appeared in Nightwing #71 and is confirmed gay in #77.

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July 12, 2021
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